High Rise Apartment Carpet Cleaning


Experience the high rise apartment carpet cleaning service Brisbane residents trust

✓ Fast Drying Times
✓ Stain Treatment Inclusive
✓ Residential and Commercial
✓ Removal of Dirt and Bacteria

✓ No Harsh Cleaning Solutions
✓ Bacteria and Odours Destroyed
✓ We Pre-vacuum Before Cleaning

✓ Professionally Trained Technicians
✓ Complimentary Deodorising Included
✓ Increases The Lifespan of Your Carpets

✓ Hygienically Cleans and Sanitises Materials
✓ Carpets Stay Cleaner and Fresher for Longer

✓ Targets Allergens, Pathogens, and Dust Mites


    We truly want to provide you with the best, so we have sourced cleaning solutions and suppliers who have the following certifications for themselves or some of their products:

    Woolsafe Approved
    Cleanseal Approved

    Experience The Apartment Carpet Cleaning Service Brisbane Trusts

    At PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning, we specialise in offering high-quality carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning services for high-rise structures across the Brisbane metropolitan area. Our wealth of experience spans a diverse range of high-rise and multi-level apartments, from one end of Brisbane's suburbs to the other.

    We take pride in our ability to deliver equally outstanding results for apartments, residential houses, and commercial establishments. Regardless of your location or floor number, you can be assured that PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning is committed to providing you with the premier high-rise apartment carpet cleaning service.

    High Rise Apartment Carpet Cleaning Brisbane
    Apartment Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

    Residential high-rise living shouldn't mean settling for less when it comes to carpet cleanliness. We leverage our state-of-the-art carpet cleaning techniques to ensure your high-rise apartment is as spotless and fresh as possible. This comprehensive approach can effectively target and eradicate dirt, sand, dust mites, carpet moths, pollen, mould, bacteria, carpet beetles, and even stubborn pet stains and odours. Our carpet cleaning professionals are fully trained and comply with Australian Standards in addition to being an endorsed cleaning method from the Australian Carpet Cleaning Institute and The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration.

    How Does Our Apartment Carpet Cleaning Service Work?

    At PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning, we strongly believe in being completely transparent about our pricing. That's why we provide a free no obligation quote that clearly outlines the cost before you proceed with your booking.

    Rest assured there are no fees or unexpected charges for any of our services. As part of our dedication to delivering value and ensuring customer satisfaction we always including vacuuming and deodorising in your high-rise apartment cleaning quote.

    This guarantees you a clean at the price you were initially quoted, unless you wanted to add on extra services while our technician is in your premises. We have a range of other services that you could utilise to get your apartment looking incredible such as upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, tile cleaning, and more.

    Brisbane Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    What Is the Cost of Carpet Cleaning for High-Rise Apartments?

    We adhere to a different pricing model to most carpet cleaning companies, unlike some carpet cleaning companies that bill by the hour, potentially costing high-rise apartment dwellers extra for equipment setup time. We believe in a customised, quality-driven pricing model that has many service inclusions that other companies charge extra for.

    Several factors are considered in calculating our carpet cleaning costs, such as your location, building access, parking spots, and time required.

    What is the Ideal Frequency for Cleaning High-Rise Apartment Carpets?

    Maintaining the vibrancy and cleanliness of your carpets and rugs starts with regular vacuuming. However, it's important to keep in mind that regular household vacuum cleaners often lack the power to completely remove embedded debris from, within the fibres of your carpets. In these cases professional carpet cleaning services become invaluable.

    The good news is that when our professionals perform a cleaning service for you, they can effectively get rid of accumulated dirt, dust, and allergens like pet dander and pollen. This not helps maintain the appeal and freshness of your carpets but also allows for the removal of stubborn stains thus preserving the overall appearance of your floor coverings.

    While the general recommendation is to have your carpets professionally cleaned semi-annually, and the exact frequency is contingent upon your individual circumstances. High foot traffic areas or households with severe allergy sufferers may necessitate more frequent cleanings, while less-travelled rooms might only require professional attention every eight to twelve months.

    How Do We Approach Carpet Cleaning in High-Rise Buildings?

    Our team of cleaners will start by inspecting your carpets to identify the cleaning solutions and any problematic stains or spots. Before we begin the cleaning process, we will treat these areas specifically. We use equipment known for its safety and effectiveness. It can handle carpets while effectively removing embedded dirt and grit from deep, within the fibres.

    Furthermore, we only use cleaning products that're environmentally friendly and safe, for pets and children. The time it takes to clean and dry the carpet depends on factors such, as the size of the room the type of carpet fibre and the specific cleaning solutions chosen. When you ask for a quote our cleaning experts can provide a detailed estimate of how long it will take to complete the job.

    No matter if you're in a rental property managed by a property manager of a body corporate, we will be able to offer our services to you. Be sure to get in touch with us today to discuss your apartment carpet cleaning requirements and we will give you a quotation for our services.

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