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✓ Stain Treatment Inclusive
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✓ Targets Mould From The Source
✓ Reduces Spread Of Airborne Mycotoxins
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Our cleaning process meets the standards of ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mold Remediation, so you can be sure that your mould will be safely and properly treated.

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    Brisbane has a sub-tropical climate and thus experiences wet, warm, and humid summers in addition to dry and mild winters.

    Mould needs a food source to grow, and typically this will be oxygen and moisture, so this type of climate can contribute and promote mould growth.

    Mould will release tiny organic compounds or 'spores' containing mycotoxins into the air. These compounds are known as 'MVOCs' and can be recognised by the musty odour they produce and the immune response they trigger such as allergies.

    Not only can mould make you and your family sick, it can also cause permanent damage to surfaces it comes in contact with.

    You have most likely seen surfaces which have rotted, clothes and fabrics that have stained, and furniture that has to be thrown away due to mould contamination.

    Inhaling, ingesting, or having skin contact with mould can cause coughs, wheezing, respiratory infections, nasal and throat symptoms, bronchitis, allergic rhinitis ,initiation of asthma, exacerbation of allergies, upper and lower respiratory disease, and eczema.

    Mould Cleaning Brisbane Service

    Our Mould Remediation Process

    PRO DRY mould specialists follows a specialised system that enables use to effectively target, remediate, and remove mould present on the surface of walls, ceilings, canvas, tiles, grout, carpet, upholstery, furniture, and more.

    Mould Inspection

    PRO DRY will inspect your premises to identify the source of the mould

    Mould Cleaning

    We will treat the affected areas with an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial solution

    Mould Removal

    An anti-microbial mist will be applied to eliminate airborne spores & prevent regrowth


      What Causes Mould Growth?

      Mould needs a food source to grow, and this is primarily moisture and oxygen.

      Mould spores are everywhere, both indoors and outdoors, but for growth to occur it usually requires certain conditions or an event to happen. These include:

      🔵 Excess moisture present
      🔵 Excess humidity in the air
      🔵 Burst pipes and roof leaks
      🔵 Taps overflowing causing flooding
      🔵 Wild weather events causing flooding
      🔵 Poor ventilation and dark areas
      🔵 Damp rooms - usually without windows

      Flooding events and excess damp can cause mould to rapidly grow where it otherwise usually hasn't.

      In event of a water leak, it's important to rectify the cause first before remediation otherwise mould can continue to grow back even after treatment.

      Some species of mould can even cause a respiratory infection, which can be very dangerous for people who have a weakened immune system.

      Mould Removal Brisbane Services
      Mould Remediation Brisbane Service

      How Can I Prevent Mould Growth?

      You can try to prevent mould growth in your premises by taking a few preventative measures to alter the environment.

      🔵 Reducing moisture and indoor humidity
      🔵 Increasing ventilation and air flow
      🔵 Use dehumidifiers to extract airborne moisture
      🔵 Regular cleaning and surface disinfection
      🔵 Structural remediation to add windows or increase air flow

      Unfortunately, some buildings are designed in a certain way or have surroundings that actually promote mould growth.

      In situations like these, you can remove mould from the source, but the environment can cause new mould to grow later.

      If this is the case and no structural work or remediation can fix the problem, then there needs to be on-going management and cleaning to remove the new growth as it appears.

      This is why you need the best mould cleaners Brisbane has to offer - PRO DRY Mould Cleaning, to effectively inspect, clean, and remove your mould from your home or workplace.

      Get The Best Mould Cleaners Brisbane Has To Offer

      PRO DRY Mould Cleaning
      follows a specialised system that is designed to follow the root system and destroy it. This ensures that mould is effectively treated from the source for proper removal.

      We have professionally trained and certified staff who lover to deliver our clientele amazing results. Experience the best mould cleaning Brisbane has to offer and contact PRO DRY today.