Leather Cleaning Brisbane

Experience the best leather cleaning Brisbane has to offer from PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning. We can clean a range of different types of leather furnishings such as a lounge suite, sofa, couch, chair, stool, and more.

Our professional leather cleaners are highly trained to recognise the varieties of leather and their characteristics to ensure that you get the best clean possible. Our service caters for Aniline Leather, Semi-Aniline Leather and Pigmented Leather.

Leather will accumulate a lot of dirt over time and this will make it look very dull and worn. An expert leather cleaning service can remove this for you and make your leather furnishings look like new again.

Bring back that luxurious look and feel of your leather furniture and get in touch with us today. Your leather couches, chairs, sofas, or lounges can be professionally cleaned, moisturised, protected, and dried in a matter of hours when you use our services.

Leather Cleaning Brisbane Services

Regularly cleaning your leather furniture will prolong its lifespan and help to protect it from potential stains and damage. Certain types of soilage can not only look unsightly, but it can actually diminish the integrity of the leather.

Perspiration in particular is one of the most common types of soilage that a leather lounge will receive. This contains enzymes, oils, and fatty acids that can cause stains and remove your leathers protective coating.

Leather Cleaning Brisbane
Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane Services

Our entire professional leather cleaning process is done by hand with high attention to detail. All cushions that can be separated from the base will be removed and cleaned separately, including any leather trimming that was hidden by them.

We clean all leather on the entire piece of furniture and your chairs and sofas will be cleaner for longer with our specialsed leather conditioning treatment that is applied after the clean. This is included in every clean and it's designed to keep the leather supple and soft.

Experience The Best Leather Cleaning Service In Brisbane


Get The Best Leather Cleaners

Our professionally trained leather cleaners and satisfaction guarantee are just a few of the reasons why you should use the services of PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning.

Our green and eco-friendly cleaning solutions are safe for all members of the family and your upholstery will be dry and ready to use in a matter of hours.

Our professional leather cleaning process consists of these stages:

Pre-vacuuming: This removes dust and dry particulate from the surface of your furniture and prepares the surface for the clean.

Cleaning: Our specialised cleaning solution can remove stubbourn stains, dirt, grime, oils, and odours.

Drying: Our expert leather cleaners will dry each section of your furniture as they go to ensure best results.

Moisturising: This restores the leathers natural oils, leaving it soft and supple.

Protecting: Aids in guarding against future stains and spillages.

There's a reason why we have the best leather cleaning Brisbane has to offer, and we want you to find out why. Simply get in touch with us today to get a quote and schedule a booking so you can enjoy all the benefits of our service and freshly cleaned leather.