Our cleaning process exceeds the standards ofΒ AS/NZS 3733
Textile Floor Coverings |Β Cleaning Maintenance of Residential
and Commercial Carpeting.

This ensures that you receive an incredible level of service and standards. Contact us and experience the best carpet cleaning Brisbane has to offer.


Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Carpet Cleaning Brisbane

Not all Brisbane carpet cleaning services are the same. There are different types of fibres and various types of stains that require a range of cleaning methods and techniques. There's no one-size-fits-all approach and an experienced and expert team will know how to clean carpet properly and deliver you amazing results.

PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning Brisbane are your one-stop expert carpet cleaners to get the job done. No matter if it's your home or business, we offer a range of amazing services that can liven up your place again in addition to targeting dust mites, allergens, stains, and soilage.

We guarantee that you will receive the highest level of service possible. Combined with our professionally trained staff, expert knowledge, high-quality equipment, and a desire to deliver the best, we are certain that we will be able to amaze you.


Here at PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, we're committed to providing the highest level of service you will ever experience.

Because of this, we have invested significant resources into staff, training, equipment, solutions, and techniques that enable us to deliver superior, high level results on every clean.

We truly want to provide you with the best, so we have sourced cleaning solutions and suppliers who have the following certifications for some of their products:

Woolsafe Approved
Cleanseal Approved

PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Services

Our expert cleaners provide a range of professional cleaning services that can make your home or business look incredible.

How Can I Find The Best Brisbane Carpet Cleaning Service?

While hiring a Brisbane carpet cleaning service to clean your carpets can save you a great deal of time and headaches. There are still some basic things that you should take into consideration. There are a number of different carpet cleaning companies that you can hire, but before you go out and do so, here are some guidelines to help you decide on the right one for your needs courtesy of PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning Brisbane.

1: One of the most important things that you should take into consideration is the basics that the service offers. If the carpet cleaning company you’re thinking of hiring does not vacuum and charges extra to treat stains or shift furniture then keep looking, because these companies just want to do a quick job and move onto the next one while sacrificing quality. This can also lead to your carpets resoiling much quicker due to a poor clean.

2: Another factor that you should take into consideration is the price of the service that you are hiring. We highly recommend you stay clear of cheap service providers. They are cheap for a reason, and will quite often try to upsell you and charge extra to do basic things that we include complimentary in every service such as stain treatment, moving most furniture, protecting your furniture's legs, wearing and supplying shoe covers, and vacuuming. They will most likely do the job very quickly and to a poor standard. Carpet cleaning really can be one of those industries where you get what you pay for, but the most expensive isn’t always the best either.

3: And one of the biggest things you should look out for when hiring a carpet cleaning service in Brisbane is the amount of time they take to do the job. If a carpet cleaner comes into your home and cleans a furnished 4 bedroom house in 30 minutes then you can imagine the corners they must be cutting. A job of this size would take one man minimum 2 hours to do to a professional and high standard.

Choosing the right company can be difficult, but the right company can make a huge difference in the carpet cleaning that you receive.

Be sure to contact PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning Brisbane and we will handle everything else.

Experience The Best Carpet Cleaners

It's always a good idea to hire carpet cleaning professionals to freshen up your carpets. They should be pre-vacuumed so that dust mites and allergens can be removed before the technician is able to begin the cleaning process. Any carpet cleaning company that does not vacuum is not worth hiring.

The cleaning method is very important for carpet cleaning. Different types of stains can require different solutions and processes to properly treat them. Some of the more common methods include hot water extraction, steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, carpet shampooing, and encapsulation cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Sydney

For domestic carpet cleaning, we recommend that you get your carpets thoroughly cleaned at least annually. Some carpets will get more soilage depending on the amount of people living in a residence, pets, and lifestyle which could mean the carpets need cleaning every six to nine months.

For commercial businesses, it is important to clean carpets that are exposed to grease, water, chemicals, and other elements that cause heavy tracking and soilage. Some commercial areas could need cleaning as frequently as every two weeks in worst-case situations, while others can range from monthly to bi-monthly, quarterly, and semi-annually. PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning Brisbane can make your carpets look like new again and leave it looking fresh and hygienically cleaned.

How Does It Work?

➜ Pre-inspection of Your Carpet
➜ Vacuuming to Remove Particulate
➜ Moving & Repositioning of Light Furniture
➜ Pre-treatment of Stains and Marks
➜ Pre-spraying to Loosen Dirt & Soils
➜ Professional Carpet Cleaning Procedure
➜ Speed Drying with Turbo Air Movers
➜ You Enjoy Freshly Cleaned Carpets

πŸ•’ Average drying time around 2- 4 hours

Brisbane Carpet Cleaning

What Else Can We Do?

βœ“ Carpet Shampooing βœ“ Roof Leak on Carpet βœ“ Vomit Stain Removal βœ“ Red Wine Stain Removal βœ“ Carpet Dry Cleaning
βœ“ Carpet Dirt Removal βœ“ Coffee Stain Removal βœ“ Carpet Stain RemovalΒ  βœ“ Food Stain Removal βœ“ Mould Removal From Carpet
βœ“ Carpet Pet Stain And Odour Removal βœ“ Tap Water Overflow On Carpet βœ“ Wool Carpet Cleaning βœ“ Carpet Odour Removal Service
βœ“ Flooded Carpet Clean Up βœ“ Carpet Water Removal βœ“ Blood Stain Removal βœ“ Urine Stain Removal