PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning Brisbane is here to offer you our premium carpet protection and cleaning solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

We are the best carpet cleaners Brisbane has to offer, and our systems and processes adhere to all industry guidelines and standards. This ensures that you receive an incredible level of service and standards that leaves your carpets cleaner, fresher, and looking better for longer.

AS/NZS 3733
Textile Floor Coverings: Cleaning Maintenance of Residential
and Commercial Carpeting

ANSI/IICRC S100 Standard for Professional Cleaning of Textile Floor Coverings

ANSI/IICRC S220 Standard for Professional Inspection of Hard Surface Floor Coverings

ANSI/IICRC S800 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Inspection of Textile Floorcovering

We truly want to provide you with the best, so we have sourced cleaning solutions and suppliers who have the following certifications for themselves or some of their products:

Woolsafe Approved
Cleanseal Approved

The Professional Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Locals Want

PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning Brisbane are your one-stop expert carpet cleaners to get you the best possible result.

Not all Brisbane carpet cleaning services are the same. There are different types of fibres and various types of stains that require a range of cleaning methods and techniques.

There's no one-size-fits-all approach and an experienced and expert team will know how to clean carpet properly and deliver you amazing results.

No matter if it's steam cleaning or low-moisture cleaning, our verified team members can offer you a range of specialist cleaning services that can liven up your premises again in addition to targeting dust mites, allergens, stains, odours, and soilage.

Carpet Cleaners Brisbane

Hypoallergenic Solutions

ECO Friendly

Non-Toxic & Eco-Friendly

Dust Mites

Can Remove Nasty Dust Mites

Best Air Quality

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Fast Drying

Low Moisture = Fast Drying Times


Why Does Brisbane Choose PRO DRY?

Here at PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, we're committed to providing the highest level of service you will ever experience. Because of this, we have invested significant resources into staff, training, equipment, solutions, and techniques that enable us to deliver superior, high level results on every clean.

We guarantee that you will receive the highest level of service possible. Combined with our professionally trained staff, expert knowledge, high-quality equipment, and a desire to deliver the best, we are certain that we are going to leave you amazed with an experience from the best at cleaning carpets Brisbane has to offer.

We always pre-vacuum carpets and upholstery to remove dust mites, dry particulate, dirt, dust, and other contaminants

No rushed jobs - necessary time is always given for our clients

All staff are uniformed and well-presented

We are local Brisbane carpet cleaners and we service the entire Brisbane metropolitan area

Your walls and furniture will be protected during the cleaning process

We never sub-contract and all cleaners are background checked and undergo our in-house training programme

We pre-inspect your areas before commencing work to identify any areas of concern that may arise during the cleaning process

Most furniture will be moved and placed back again

All cleaning solutions are safe and industry approved

We wear protective shoe coverings while cleaning carpets in your home

We post-inspect after every clean to ensure every area has been properly cleaned and treated

We will never offer you a cheap price and then shock you with hidden costs later

The PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning Process


Pre-inspection Procedure

We pre-inspect your carpets before we begin the service to learn about your concerns and to assess the best way to perform the job


Vacuuming to Remove Particulate

Your carpets are then vacuumed using hospital-grade HEPA filters that target dust mites and allergens while also removing debris


Moving & Repositioning of Light Furniture

We will move and put back any light furniture that we deem safe to do so depending on the items weight, strength, condition, and material


Pre-treating Stains and Marks

Stubborn stains and marks are pre-treated early in the process to aid in their reduction or removal during the cleaning process


Pre-spraying to Loosen Dirt & Soils

Our specialised carpet cleaning solution is sprayed onto the carpets and is designed to release dirt and break up oils from the fibres so they can be lifted from the carpet


Professional Carpet Cleaning Procedure

The cleaning process generates heat and agitates the cleaning solution so that the carpets can be effectively cleaned, sanitised, and deodorised


Speed Drying with Turbo Air Movers

We utilise turbo air dryers to enhance our fast drying process in addition to using moisture absorbing pads where necessary that leaves your carpets ready to walk on immediately


Post-inspection Procedure

We take you through the areas after completion to address any concerns in addition to showing you the amazing cleaning results we have achieved for you

Get Your Carpets Cleaner For Longer

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    PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning Team

    Experience The Carpet Cleaners Brisbane Residents Trust

    We are Brisbane's carpet cleaning company specialising in cleaning carpets Brisbane residents and businesses may have which come from a wide range of carpet manufacturers including but not limited to:

    Beaulieu Australia, Belgotex Floorcoverings, Brintons, Bremworth, Chaparral, Carpet Mills, Feltex, Flotex, Godfrey Hirst, Interface Australia, Milliken-Ontera, Prestige Carpets, Quest Carpets, Shaw Carpets, Supertuft, Tarkett Australia, Tuftmaster, Victoria, and many more found in your local carpet store.

    What Makes PRO DRY The Best Brisbane Carpet Cleaners For My Home or Workplace?

    PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning knows that hiring a carpet cleaning service to clean your carpets can be daunting at times when searching for a quality service provider. There are many things that you should take into consideration before you make your decision, and knowing what these things are can be tough.

    The carpet cleaning industry is un-regulated, which means anyone can hire a carpet cleaner, buy some cheap cleaning products, watch a few YouTube videos and call themself a carpet cleaner.

    These operators lack the knowledge and expertise of a professional organisation such as us, and their business model is usually based on a low quote and quick work. Believe us, cheap is cheap for a reason, and it's not because they're spending a lot of time in your home or workplace.

    There are a number of professional carpet cleaning companies that you can hire, but before you go out and do so, here are some guidelines to help you decide on the right one for your needs courtesy of the team here at PRO DRY.

    Carpet Steam Cleaning
    Vacuuming Carpets and Upholstery

    1: Service Inclusions

    One of the most important things that you should take into consideration is the basics that the service offers.

    If the carpet cleaning company you’re thinking of hiring does not vacuum and charges extra to treat stains or shift furniture, then keep looking; because these companies just want to do a quick job and move onto the next one while sacrificing quality.

    Vacuuming, shifting furniture, and treating stains adds time to the task, so a lot of carpet cleaners will charge extra. Many companies also don't include these things so they can bait you in with a low price and then upsell these inclusions later.

    We always include this as part of our service because we believe that's how it should always be done.

    We will pre-vacuum, treat stains, and shift most furniture and put it back as long as it's safe to do so, which means you're already getting a better clean and service than the vast majority of operators will offer you.

    2: Price

    Another factor that you should take into consideration is the quote of the service that you are hiring.

    We highly recommend you stay clear of the very low priced service providers. They are cheap for a reason, and will quite often try to upsell you and charge extra to do basic things that we include complimentary in every service such as stain treatment, moving most furniture, protecting your furniture's legs, wearing and supplying shoe covers, and vacuuming.

    Cheap is cheap for a reason, and it's often because something is low-quality, doesn't have features or inclusions that higher priced counterparts do, and is designed to offer you the bare-minimum.

    We are not going to be the cheapest carpet cleaning Brisbane service provider, but that's because we do more, use high-quality solutions, have commercial-grade equipment, and do an extremely thorough job which results in your premises remaining cleaner for longer.

    Carpet Cleaning Prices
    Brisbane's Carpet Cleaners

    3: Time

    Another one of the biggest things you should look out for when hiring a carpet cleaning service in Brisbane is the amount of time they take to do the job.

    If a carpet cleaner comes into your home and cleans a furnished 4 bedroom house in 30 minutes then you can imagine the corners they must be cutting instead of cleaning.

    A task of this size would take one of our experienced technicians minimum 2 hours to complete to a professional and high standard.

    Most cleaners are focused on doing your job as quickly as possible and with cheap products so they can move onto the next one. This results in you not receiving the best possible service and a sub-par cleaning result.

    We do not rush and we always give the time needed to achieve the best possible result. Tasks such as pre-vacuuming, shifting furniture, and stain treatment all take time and they are always included as part of our service.

    Our Services

    Brisbane Carpet Cleaners Service

    Carpet Cleaning

    Convenient service that doesn’t interrupt your day

    No downtime or need to leave your premises

    Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and eco-friendly solutions

    Low-moisture cleaning process

    Upholstery Cleaners Brisbane

    Upholstery Cleaning

    Low-moisture cleaning that dries fast

    Targets Stains and Marks

    Fibre-safe cleaning process for delicate materials

    Fresh and clean finish that restores fibres

    Brisbane Rug Cleaners

    Rug Cleaning

    On-site rug cleaning at your home or business

    Low-moisture process with quick drying times

    Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and eco-friendly solutions

    Experts in cleaning many different types of rugs

    Brisbane Leather Cleaners

    Leather Cleaning

    Caters to Aniline, Semi-Aniline, and Pigmented Leather

    No machines used - entire process performed by hand!

    Removes years-worth of built-up dirt and grime

    Leaves material supple and protected

    Brisbane Mattress Cleaners

    Mattress Cleaning

    Low-moisture process that doesn't soak your mattress

    Anti-bacterial and anti-microbial treatment

    Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and eco-friendly solutions

    Targets dust mites and allergens

    Fibre Protector

    Upholstery & Carpet Protection

    Commonly known as 'Scotchgard' and is designed to protect carpets and upholstery 

    Adds a protective layer to your materials

    Promotes stain prevention 

    Makes vacuuming easier due to protective surface layer

    Brisbane Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Tile & Grout Cleaning

    Removes years-worth of built-up dirt and grime

    Restores and rejuvenates surfaces to their former glory

    Deep extraction of dirt and grime embedded in tile and grout pores

    Walk-on dry within minutes

    Brisbane High Pressure Cleaning

    High Pressure Cleaning

    Adjustable pressure to suit all types of surfaces

    Cleaning process destroys organic growth from the source

    Targets mould, mildew, algae, lichen, and dirt stains

    Safe for all types of surfaces and natural stone 

    Brisbane Sandstone Cleaning

    Sandstone Cleaning

    Adjustable pressure to suit all types of sandstone

    Procedure does not compromise the integrity of the sandstone

    Targets mould, mildew, algae, lichen, and dirt

    Cleaning process destroys organic growth from the source

    Brisbane Commercial Cleaning

    Commercial Cleaning

    All of our services can be offered to your premises

    Our services can be performed before, during, or after your business hours

    Minimal disruption and fast drying times

    Uniformed and background-checked staff

    Brisbane Carpet Water Damage

    Water Damage

    Industrial extraction process to remove water

    Minimal downtime and disruption to your home or business

    Can prevent further damage being caused by moisture

    Prepares areas for the drying process

    Carpet Drying Brisbane

    Carpet Drying

    Prevents further damage  after water is removed

    Aids in preventing unpleasant odours due to lingering moisture

    Enables you to get back to normal sooner

    Industrial dehumidifiers and dryers supplied

    Vinyl Floor Stripping and Sealing Brisbane

    Vinyl Floor Strip & Seal

    Clean & Capture System

    Minimal downtime and disruption to your home or business

    Restores and rejuvenates surfaces to their former glory

    Deep extraction of dirt and grime embedded in the surface

    Hard Surface Sealing Brisbane

    Hard Surface Sealing

    Deep cleaning before sealing

    Multiple choices of sealers

    Extends the longevity of hard surface

    Enhances appearance and aids in surface protection

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