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Is carpet cleaner hire worth it?

Is Carpet Cleaner Hire Really Worth It?

Having carpeted floors is fantastic, especially if you've got a taste for comfort and warmth. Floors with the right coloured carpets can also bring a lot of character into your home and set the mood for the particular style you're trying to convey.

However, many only consider the maintenance of these wonderful add-ons to a house once it's too late. The best way to ensure your floor looks plush and clean at all times is to devise a plan for regular cleaning and care.

This means you'll either invest in professional carpet cleaning services or DIY it and opt for carpet cleaner hire from a local outlet.

Many people choose to do it themselves first and eventually decide that hiring a professional is the best course of action, but let's look into how carpet cleaner rental may be best for you if you do decide to go that way.

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Professional Services VS DIY Carpet Cleaning

There are two primary options to consider while cleaning carpets at home. You can either call for help or attempt to complete the task yourself. Both of these methods could be used to make your carpets immaculate in certain circumstances, but how do you choose which one is best for you?

There's no simple solution to this task because everyone will have their unique preferences. Some may consider taking on the job themselves if it's a fun task as they enjoy doing things themselves. However, you might not get the ideal cleaning result you had in mind if you do it yourself.

Cleaning and putting in the effort to maintain those carpets yourself is commendable, but there are some factors that need to be planned out to avoid mishaps. An important one is the type of carpet you have and the methods you use to clean it.

Not all carpets are the same, and if you're DIYing it, you'll need to think about cleaning agents, shrinkage, discolouration and even mould formation. There's a risk of not drying your carpets properly, which can result in mould and bad odours in your home. The wrong use of detergents and oxidisers can also harm the carpet depending on the material as well.

There's also the time and effort you need to invest to ensure you've completed the task. This could mean waiting for the product to dry out entirely before setting your furniture back in order.

If you are willing to consider the risks of doing DIY carpet cleaning, then you'll have to learn which methods of cleaning work best for your home's carpet. You should also brush up on carpeting terminology so that you are aware of various elements that may come into play. Alternatively, there's always the choice of selecting a professional carpet cleaning service to do the job for you.

So how do you decide which is the best option for you? There are numerous things to consider while picking out the best carpet solutions for your home. You'll have to look into costs, functionality, availability, timings etc. To make the decision easier, here's a list of things to consider, whether you wish to get professional services or do it yourself and hire a carpet cleaner machine.

PRO's & CON's of Hiring A Professional


Expertise and Experience

This is usually the reason why people opt for a professional carpet cleaner. Most services have well-trained individuals thoroughly versed in carpet cleaning techniques. They will ensure the proper cleaning methods are used for your specific carpets, such as dry cleaning or hot water extraction etc.

They will also know which cleaning agents will work best for the type of stains you have and they know how to not cause damage. Despite all of the internet searching and watching videos you can do and call it 'research', you will never be able to know, achieve, or put into practice what an elite carpet cleaning service can.

Like any profession, someone who has done courses and practical work in conjunction with years of experience and thousands of jobs will out-do an amateur DIY job every time.

Saves Time

Another common reason people choose professional help is because of the time it takes to deep clean carpets properly. Professional carpet cleaners have efficient systems in place to complete the job quicker and more effectively than you can. They handle all aspects of the cleaning process, including pre-treating stains, moving furniture, and ensuring proper drying, relieving you of the associated hassles.

Deeper Clean & Superior Results

If you aren't highly convinced of your cleaning prowess, then consider hired services. These businesses are your best choice for keeping your home clean because they have years of experience in the cleaning industry and the proper equipment, which are far more superior to consumer machines on the market that you can rent yourself.

These services will also maintain and even extend the lifespan of your carpets through better cleaning results that you will never be able to achieve through carpet cleaner hire machines.



This is the obvious answer, and many people cannot always afford the luxury of getting hired help because of the cost. There may be price variations while considering the size of the area, the type of carpet, and the extent of cleaning required, but it hiring a professional will still cost more than DIY methods.

There's also different levels of carpet cleaning companies as well which consumers generally aren't aware of. Most people think all carpet cleaning is the same, so they end up hiring the cheapest company to do the work thinking that the results will be incredible for only paying a little bit extra.

They then quickly discover that cheap is cheap for a reason, and they actually need to hire a company that charges more because they do a more thorough job with more service inclusions.


If you're getting professional help, you must make time out of your busy schedule to ensure you are present while the work is getting done or to let the company into the premises while you go and do something else. Many professional cleaners have busy schedules, and securing an appointment that suits your availability may require some planning in advance in comparison to going to the store and hiring a carpet cleaner.

Finding A Reputable Service Provider

Most carpet cleaning companies offer a pricing model of X amount of $ for Y amount of rooms. What consumers don't realise, is that these business models often lead with cheap prices to make you hire them, and once on-site, they advise that it will cost extra money to do things such as stain treatment, vacuuming, shifting furniture, and more.

You need to find a professional company who doesn't practice this business model and who has tasks like these included in their service.

PRO's & CON's of Carpet Cleaner Hire


Can Save Money

One primary reason why people are turning into DIY carpet cleaning  is the cost of professional services. It costs much less to get rental equipment and take time to clean the carpets yourself, so this is in most cases the main consideration for people who are more budget-conscious.

More Flexibility

You can arrange a cleaning session at your convenience once your tools are ready for hire. You also have the freedom to choose where and how to clean since it's your own home.

Ensure you've checked the instructions on handling the machinery before you start to ensure you're using it appropriately so that you don't end up making the situation worse.


Bad Results

DIYs can seem like a pragmatic approach considering your budget and time, but there's a chance your carpet won't be thoroughly cleaned. Cleaning the carpets yourself may result in less effective removal of deep-seated dirt, tough stains, or embedded allergens, especially if you're doing bond carpet cleaning.

Learning Curve & Workmanship

No matter how excellent your housekeeping skills are, there's always a learning curve that has to be considered when learning new methods and machines. Plus, an in-depth knowledge of different carpet types, cleaning techniques, and specialised treatments is not at your disposal. Not familiarising yourself with the equipment can cause insufficient cleaning, potential damage to the carpet, or even personal injury.

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Debunking Carpet Cleaner Rental VS Professional Services

Still trying to convince yourself because you've heard a couple of things or read a few bad reviews? Perhaps you've had a bad experience with a company in the past? Below are a few common myths that have been debunked to help you make a more precise choice for your home.

Myth: Carpet Cleaner Hire Machines Are As Good As Professional Machines


For those that were hoping to do a DIY carpet cleaning job, this unfortunately, is not the case. Although you can rent out your own machines, professional-grade equipment is more robust and will far exceed what a rental can do.

Since rentals are less effective, they can provide basic cleaning and maintenance. However, they are incapable of deep cleaning the carpet properly and remove stains that require specialist knowledge and cleaning solutions.

The higher-grade equipment can penetrate deep into the carpet fibres, extracting dirt, dust, allergens, and stains more efficiently. On the other hand, rentals lack the power to achieve the same level of deep cleaning as professionals. For commercial carpet cleaning, renting a machine yourself and attempting a clean is definitely not recommended.

Myth: Carpet Cleaning Is Easy And Requires No Skill or Knowledge


You would be sorely mistaken if you think cleaning the carpets on your floor is effortless. A certain level of knowledge and skill to achieve effective results is required. To avoid potential pitfalls, it is essential to thoroughly research and understand the proper procedures before attempting DIY carpet cleaning.

Properly operating equipment, understanding cleaning techniques, and selecting appropriate cleaning solutions are essential for any form of successful carpet cleaning. If you have yet to learn basic knowledge before starting the work, it may lead to ineffective cleaning, over-wetting, or even cause damage to the carpets.

There are also multiple professional certifications than an individual and a company can attain from participating in courses and exams.

Myth: Carpets Are Low-Maintenance And Don't Need Professional Cleaning


No matter the cost of your carpet, once used daily in your home, they require a bit of TLC. Since these surfaces are in daily contact with all the dirt and grime you bring into the house through your footwear, you can bet they'll need to be cleaned thoroughly occasionally, and this is not limited to just vacuuming.

A hire carpet cleaner machine is not going to achieve the same level of cleaning and contaminant removal as a commercial-grade machine that a company will have. Most people who hire carpet cleaners also just get the standard or cheapest cleaning solutions available, whereas a company can use premium cleaning solutions and have a solution for different situations.

Myth: You Can DIY Clean Any Type of Carpet The Same Way


You may have a basic knowledge of how to clean the surfaces of your home. However, you may have to try more than one approach when it comes to fabrics and carpeting. Every type of fabric material needs proper attention, which you'll have to find out before trying your cleaning methods.

Did you know that sisal carpet can only handle a minimal amount of moisture before it will get cellulosic browning? Did you know that cotton is also susceptible to browning from over-exposure to moisture? What's the correct method to clean alpaca wool carpet? How much moisture is too much?

Depending on the nature of the material, you will need to customise the treatment plan accordingly. Most carpet rental machines drench the carpets with a lot of water and don't do a great job of extracting the moisture afterwards.

Improper use of DIY carpet cleaning equipment or harsh cleaning solutions can lead to colour fading, fibre damage, or even shrinkage.

The best professional carpet cleaning companies utilise multiple cleaning methods for different situations such as steam cleaning, dry cleaning, shampooing, and low-moisture cleaning.

Myth: DIY Carpet Cleaning Is For Saving Time


No matter which method you choose to clean your carpet, it will take time and effort. You will have to explore your options depending on how dirty the carpet is and the area's size.

A proper process will involve vacuuming, pre-treatment, machine setting up, shifting furniture, cleaning and drying the surface, and deodorising.

The DIY procedures often don't provide the desired results, so you'll need to keep up with maintenance regularly. This means you'll probably have to clean your carpets twice as much if you're doing it yourself than having a professional cleaner do it periodically.

After you go down to the carpet cleaner hire store, get the machine, go back home, do the process mentioned above properly, then return the machine, how much time have you saved?

Carpet Cleaner Hire Prices

Rentals can cost about $40 to $70 a day, and if you're looking to purchase the equipment to use regularly, it can cost about $200 to $500 on the low end. Comparing these rates to those for cleaning services may help you decide what option is best for you. Please keep in mind that these places may want a form of ID and a deposit to secure your carpet cleaner hire machine rental.

Bunnings Carpet Cleaner Hire Price

$38.60 for 24 Hours
$47 for 48 Hours

Mitre 10 Carpet Cleaner Hire Price

$39.90 for 24 Hours
$48.90 for 48 Hours

Kennards Carpet Cleaner Hire Price

$68 for 4 Hours
$68 for 24 Hours

All prices are current from the respective retailers websites as of February 2024.

So, Should I Hire A Carpet Cleaning Machine?

When deciding between professional carpet cleaning services and DIY methods, it is crucial to consider factors such as cleaning efficiency, cost, time, convenience, and control. Professional services offer expertise, powerful equipment, and efficient results, albeit at a higher price.

If you have the capacity, resources, and time to wash your carpets yourself, that is a feasible option. However, if you aren't sure, then it's better not to risk damaging your floor. The cost of replacing it will be much higher than paying the cleaning bill.

Assessing your needs will be an essential factor in choosing your services. For regular maintenance or smaller areas, hiring a carpet cleaner may be suitable.

However, professional services are often the better choice for heavily soiled carpets, complex stains, or larger sizes. Ultimately, the ideal approach is finding the right balance between convenience, effectiveness, and personal preferences.

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