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Why Vacuuming Carpet & Upholstery Is Important

Vacuuming carpet and furniture to increase longevity

Why Is Vacuuming Important?

When it comes to taking care of your carpets, rugs, and furniture, there's almost nothing more important than having a good vacuuming routine that you can follow to make sure they are in good shape at all times.

Regularly vacuuming your home or workplace can help eliminate dirt, dust, allergens, contaminants, and other things collected from the usage that the areas accommodate daily.

You might have noticed that some parts of your home need vacuuming more often. This is because there are some high-traffic spots, such as the hallway or your living room, where there's a lot of activity daily.

But whatever the traffic status is for your home, vacuuming carpet and upholstery is so important to keep your home a healthy and clean living space.

Vacuuming Carpet and Upholstery

Main Reasons Why Vacuuming Carpet and Upholstery is Important

1. Get Rid Of Allergens

Dust allergies are quite common, and having full carpet flooring can be a welcoming place for all the dust to collect inside your home. This can trigger your allergies and have you feeling miserable most of the time inside the comfort of your own home.

Even if you don't have carpet flooring, if you don't clean or dust your house often, you're still increasing the chances of your allergies acting up.

There are various ways you can minimise the amount of allergens in your home, including vacuuming regularly. Not only is it an effective way to get rid of dust and dirt, but it can also help get rid of pet fur and odours easily.

Ultimately, your goal should be to have a clean and allergen-free home so that you don't have to suffer from bouts of sneezing and itchy because of your allergies.

2. Maintaining An Aesthetic Home

You might not be concerned about the health issues an unclean home can foster, but what about the aesthetics? If you want your home to look and feel presentable at all times, regular vacuuming can help you achieve that, especially if you chose a carpet that tends to look a bit dirtier than others.

Following a minimal carpet care routine once or twice a week can instantly make your home feel refreshed and welcoming.

3. Getting Rid Of Dust Mites, Carpet Beetles, and Carpet Moths

Dust mites and carpet beetles are so small that you can hardly spot them even if you tried. However, they can be a complete nuisance and a huge problem for those who have respiratory problems such as asthma. These tiny insects and carpet moths survive and thrive in warm and moist conditions, so you'll probably find them nesting cosily in your upholstery, carpets, and bedding.

They might trigger your allergies as well if you have any pre-existing issues. Instead of dusting with a cloth that might spread the dust even more, vacuuming is an easy and efficient method of removing these pests.

If the problems still exist after all the vacuuming, you might have to resort to other means, such as a carpet cleaning service who can treat this problem for you.

Carpet Moth Damage

4. It Preserves The Life Of The Carpet

When you keep your carpet in top condition, it will likely last for a long time. Over time, your carpet is bound to get worn out from all the usage, but what can accentuate this deterioration is not having a proper cleaning routine for it. When in use, your carpets endure a lot of friction from walking on top of the carpet, and it also collects dust and dirt.

Unlike a rug or carpet that hardly ever gets vacuumed and cleaned, a regularly vacuumed rug and carpet will look better, feel better, smell better, and last longer. You can significantly minimise the damage on your carpet by vacuuming it regularly and keeping it clean from all external factors in addition to getting fibre protection applied after every professional clean.

5. Your Vacuum Has Many Uses

Good vacuum cleaners are not all that cheap, so you might hesitate to buy one, but once you understand that vacuuming is an investment, you may change your mind about it.

Vacuuming doesn’t only stop at your carpets. You can vacuum your car, stairs, window panes, tiles, beds, mattresses, couches, walls, and many other areas.

In the long run, all these items will last you longer just because you took good care of them and maintained the original integrity of all these furnishings and items.

6. It's Easy To Do

Whether you like the idea of cleaning your home or not, everyone can admit that the invention of the vacuum has made the job a thousand times easier. And with technology always improving rapidly, all good vacuum cleaners come with multiple features to make this cleaning job easier.

Now you don't even have to worry about getting back pains and body aches from all the heavy lifting you might have to do if you didn't have a vacuum cleaner with you.

How Often Should I Be Vacuuming Carpet and Upholstery?

Now, you might wonder how often you need to vacuum and if you should vacuum every day.

To understand this in simple terms, we can put it this way- "the more that you vacuum, the better it is." However, this does not necessarily mean you must keep running your vacuum cleaner 24 hours daily.

Because everyone has different living situations and lifestyles, it's not easy to determine the number of times you need to vacuum or if there's a magic number of times you must vacuum.

It all depends on the current unique circumstances you encounter. For example, if you're a working person who has to step out of the house every day and return, you might need to vacuum a lot more since the chances of trudging in mud and dirt from the outside are more likely with your lifestyle.

Likewise, if you have pets, you will likely have to vacuum even more often than if you don’t have pets because of all the shedding. The same goes for if you have a big family of little children running around the house and the yard every day.

Regardless of your lifestyle, you can generally consider vacuuming at least once a week. The more you pay attention to the upkeep of your home, you’re bound to enjoy the things you love for longer.

Some Tips For Vacuuming

• Take all the time you need when you vacuum. Take each step cautiously, leaving no carpet, furniture, or mat unturned.

• Move in all directions to get all the gunk out thoroughly.

• Take good care of your vacuum cleaner and clean the filters and brushes as often as required!