Best Tips To Remove Pet Odour

Pets are common-place in Australia and over 60% of households have one. They are much-loved members of the family and quite often will live in the house with their owners.

This often means that they will also be walking over the carpets and climbing over the upholstered furnishings. Because of this, quite often you can get dog smell on carpets and couches that can be hard to remove.

While we love having our dogs and cats around the house, sitting with them on the sofa, and laying with them on the bed, they can leave a distinct smell around the house that may be unpleasant to some.

Maybe you can’t even smell it because you're so accustomed to your home, but your visitors will immediately be hit with it and you won’t even realise.

So, if you need to know how to get old dog urine smell out of carpet or want a pet odour neutraliser, then we will give you some of the best tips to follow and keep your home smelling fresh.

Tips to Remove Pet Odour

Pet Urine Odour Removal

As a pet parent, you take it upon yourself to train your pets how to behave indoors. However, even if you're the best pet trainer in the world, there are bound to be some accidents inside the house.

After all, they are animals who cannot communicate verbally like humans. So there's a chance we might sometimes miss out on their immediate needs, such as wanting to pee or needing a potty break.

The truth is that even if you've already got your pet on a strict potty schedule, many factors can disrupt your league routine, and you might end up with an accident inside your home.

So what do you do when this happens, and what is the best way to handle this problem? Let's briefly look at some of the things we can do to remove pet urine odour from your home.

What Can You Do If The Urine Stain Is Old?

If you find dried-up urine in your carpets or rugs again, don't worry; you can still get rid of it and have your carpet back to normal.

Our company does a great job detecting pet urine stains and odours in your home and uses effective solutions to ensure it no longer linger. Our team consists of experts who are trained specifically in removing pet and human urine odour, so you can rely on us to get the job done as efficiently as needed.

We also use the latest technology in the market for the highest quality service, like moisture detectors and power steaming machines. These are very effective in removing tough stains, regardless of what the surface you are cleaning is made of.

Step By Step For Pet Urine Removal

Our team uses a few simple steps to ensure the process is quick and effective. You can easily follow these steps at home on your own even if you don’t have all the equipment at home:

• Blotting the problem area and sucking out all the moisture. If it’s a dried spot, we use cleaners to draw out the stain and odour onto a microfibre cloth or paper towel. These are super absorbent, so it's easy to collect all the urine, the smell, and even the germs.

• Apply cleaning solutions to the surface and leave it to let it do its job. You can also opt for home DIY remedies like baking soda, lemon, or vinegar if you dislike harsh chemicals.

• Gently dab and suck the remaining moisture out after letting the solution sit in the problem area for a few minutes. You could also rent a carpet cleaner for perform a good extraction.

• Repeat as needed

Best Tips To Remove Pet Odour

Instant Clean

It shouldn't surprise you that when it comes to pet urine, the moment you notice it, get straight to work on removing it from the scene. It might be your tiles, rugs, carpets, or even hardwood floors. One thing to remember is to clean up promptly and swiftly to not allow the odour to sink into the area.

Blot And Dab Before You Scrub

You might be tempted to get the urine out as soon as you see it, and your solution might be to rigorously start scrubbing the area. However, a more effective way to remove the stain and smell from the surface is to blot it.

It helps if you do this when the urine is still fresh so that you can get all the moisture out of the fabric and start the actual cleaning process.

Use Good Quality Cleaning Products

You might be tempted to apply bleach to the problem area and get it over with quickly but remember that if the surface you're cleaning is fabric like a rug or a carpet, you run the risk of discolouration as well as damaging the fibres, which will eventually cause wear and tear quicker than the manufacturers intended.

Vacuum Regularly

Vacuum your couch, cushions, pillows, and blankets regularly to remove hair and dander. Also, don’t forget to vacuum around and under your sofa too as a lot of hair can collect here over time.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is perhaps the most efficient way to remove unpleasant and pungent odours from your home, especially from fabrics like carpets, rugs, beds, and even couches. The heat from the steam does a good job of eliminating the germs and the smell.

Have Removable Slip Covers

Some couches can come with removable covers on the cushions. This can sometimes be machine-washable and this can clean them up very well while also removing odour.

Deodorise Regularly

After you have vacuumed, deodorise your upholstery with a high-quality deodoriser. You can either spray it onto a microfibre cloth and apply it over the surface of the upholstery or you can spray it as a fine mist over the surfaces.

Keep Your Pet Well Groomed

Make sure your pet gets bathed and brushed regularly in addition to having their nails clipped and getting haircuts. A good and consistent schedule can reduce the impact around your home and any odours that may be left behind.

Get Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services

You can do all the above yourself at home, which will help to maintain your house and minimise potential damage, but There’s no shame in getting professionals to do the job for you if you don’t think you’re equipped to do a good job.

The benefit of using professionals for cleaning and removing pet urine is that they have all these specialised tools and products designed solely to care for the focal problem. Hence the results are much better, and you don't need to get involved in the hassle.

You should get professional cleaning services for carpets, rugs, and upholstery annually to properly and hygienically clean your carpets and upholstery. This could be required every 6, 9, or 12 months depending on the level of soilage and traffic your home receives.

Following these tips can help to remove pet odours at home and keep it smelling fresh. Not only this, but it’s also very hygienic and aids in maintaining your home to a high level. Contact us today to arrange a professional cleaning service to freshen up your carpets and upholstery.

Steam Cleaning For Pet Odour Removal