Rug Dry Cleaning


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✓ Fast Drying Times
✓ Stain Treatment Inclusive
✓ Residential and Commercial
✓ Removal of Dirt and Bacteria

✓ No Harsh Cleaning Solutions
✓ Bacteria and Odours Destroyed
✓ We Pre-vacuum Before Cleaning

✓ Professionally Trained Technicians
✓ Increases The Lifespan of Your Rugs

✓ Complimentary Deodorising Included
✓ Rugs Stay Cleaner and Fresher for Longer
✓ Hygienically Cleans and Sanitises Materials
✓ Targets Allergens, Pathogens, and Dust Mites

    Rug dry cleaning utilises a rotating machine and activation foam to effectively clean, deodorise, and sanitise your rugs. This is one of the most effective rug cleaning methods that delivers great results and it complies with Australian Standards.

    With the mechanical action of a rotating brush, the cleaning solution spreads without damaging the fibres and then encapsulates dirt particles. The cleaning solution then crystalises around the dirt particles and does their work to leave your rug looking fresh and hygienically clean.

    This is one of the best rug cleaning methods and when done properly, it makes rugs look amazing! We are the specialist rug dry cleaners in Brisbane and know how to effectively utilise this method to get great results.

    We can clean many types of rugs including wool, silk, cotton, shag, polypropylene, Persian and Oriental, nylon, acrylic, olefin, viscose, and more!

    Rug Dry Cleaning

    Experience The Best Rug Dry Cleaning Brisbane Service

    Rug dry cleaning is one of the best carpet cleaning methods and can deliver amazing results. It involves using an encapsulating cleaning agent that targets dirt and grime for effective removal. This uses minimal moisture unlike steam cleaning, which means you could achieve the same results as steam but with much faster drying times and less chances of potential damage caused. We have local Brisbane rug cleaners near your area so be sure to contact us as soon as possible to make a booking.

    Upon inspection of your rug, we will decide on the best professional rug cleaning method to use. Rug dry cleaning can be done on-site in your home or business and should not need to be taken to our facility. Sometimes, a rug may be heavily soiled and may require a few cleans to get it looking great again.

    We can also steam clean rugs, but this is reserved for certain materials that can handle higher levels of heat and moisture and certain types of stains. We are able to dry clean and steam clean rugs so you can be sure that your rug can be freshened up. Your rug cleaning technician will decide the best course of action on the day that will get you the best possible result.