Carpet Water Damage Brisbane


Water damaged carpets are never pleasant to deal with and they can be very disruptive to your normal routine.

Whether it's a washing machine flooding, burst pipe, heavy rainfall, or an unfortunate accident, you will need the best service for carpet water damage Brisbane has to offer.

Our professional water damage carpet cleaning services can help you in your time of need and potentially save your carpet from being replaced. We deliver the highest standard of service and have professional water damage restoration equipment combined with highly trained technicians who will assist you in getting the best possible outcome.

    PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning meets and adheres to the following standards and reference guides for water damaged carpets: ANSI/IICRC S100 Standard for Professional Cleaning of Textile Floor Coverings, ANSI/IICRC S800 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Inspection of Textile Floorcovering, ANSI/IICRC S500 Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration, ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mold Remediation

    Water Damage Carpet Cleaning Brisbane Services

    When flooding happens inside your home or workplace immediate action must be taken in order to salvage your carpeting, furniture, and belongings. This results in less potential damage caused and getting everything back to normal as soon as possible.

    Our professional flooded carpet cleaning service in come to you anywhere in Brisbane to help you in your time of need. We have water damage restoration equipment to extract water from carpet and to speed up the drying process.

    Water Damage Carpet Brisbane
    Brisbane Carpet Water Damage

    We can also supply industrial dehumidifiers than run 24-hours a day and extract moisture from the carpet and air, turbo air dryers to spot dry and circulate air movement, and offer a specialised post water damage cleaning service once the carpet is dry in order to destroy bacteria and restore your carpets to a safe and hygienic level.

    PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning Brisbane can handle your situation and get everything back to normal for you. We service all of Brisbane and we will be delighted to assist you and get your premises back to the way it was.

    Get Flooded Carpet Cleaned Now

    Immediate action is required once flooded carpet occurs, so be sure to contact us as soon as possible so we can arrange a water extraction service and industrial drying equipment for you. Our professionally trained flood damage carpet cleaners can help you get your premises back in order. We will come to you anywhere in Brisbane to clean, sanitise, and deodorise your carpeting back to a safe and hygienic level.

    How Does It Work?

    Inspection: When we arrive, we will assess the situation and advise you of processes, procedures, and outcomes we can achieve.

    Extraction: The water will be extracted using industrial suction machines to remove as much moisture as possible from your carpets as quickly as possible.

    Drying: After moisture has been removed, it's ideal for industrial drying equipment to be strategically set up so that it can continue to dry the carpet until required.

    Post Clean: Once the carpet is completely dry, we highly recommend that you get the affected area hygienically cleaned and disinfected to prevent odours, mould growth, and bacteria from causing future problems.

    Our cleaning process exceeds the standards of AS/NZS 3733 and can remove living organisms and bacteria while leaving your carpets clean, sanitised, and deodorised.

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      What Effects Can Water Damaged Carpets Have?

      Water damage can have detrimental effects on carpets, leading to a range of issues that can compromise their structural integrity and overall condition. When carpets are exposed to excess moisture, whether from a plumbing leak, flooding, or other sources, several processes come into play, exacerbating the damage.

      Firstly, prolonged exposure to water can cause the carpet fibres to absorb moisture, resulting in swelling and weakening of the individual fibres. This can lead to a loss of tensile strength and elasticity, making the carpet more prone to tearing, fraying, or disintegration.

      Additionally, the presence of moisture provides an ideal environment for microbial growth, including mould and mildew. These organisms can thrive on the organic materials present in carpets, releasing spores and producing musty odours.

      Furthermore, the backing material of the carpet, often made of synthetic materials like latex, can be adversely affected by water damage. Excessive moisture can cause the backing to degrade, leading to delamination, where the layers separate, resulting in buckling or wrinkling of the carpet.

      In severe cases, the backing may deteriorate to the point where it can no longer provide adequate support, causing the carpet to lose its structural integrity.

      Water damage can also impact the underlying flooring and subfloor. If moisture penetrates through the carpet and reaches the subfloor, it can lead to wood rot, warping, or the growth of mould and mildew in the subflooring material. These issues not only affect the carpet but can also compromise the stability and safety of the entire flooring system.

      Moreover, prolonged exposure to moisture can introduce stains and discoloration to the carpet. Water-soluble substances present in the carpet or introduced with the water, such as dyes or chemicals, can leach onto the carpet fibres, resulting in unsightly stains.

      In some cases, the moisture itself can cause colour bleeding or fading of the carpet, leading to uneven patches and diminished aesthetic appeal.

      IICRC Approved Cleaning