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✓ Fast Drying Times
✓ Stain Treatment Inclusive
✓ Residential and Commercial
✓ Removal of Dirt and Bacteria

✓ No Harsh Cleaning Solutions
✓ Bacteria and Odours Destroyed
✓ We Pre-vacuum Before Cleaning

✓ Professionally Trained Technicians
✓ Complimentary Deodorising Included
✓ Increases The Lifespan of Your Carpets

✓ Hygienically Cleans and Sanitises Materials
✓ Carpets Stay Cleaner and Fresher for Longer

✓ Targets Allergens, Pathogens, and Dust Mites

    We truly want to provide you with the best, so we have sourced cleaning solutions and suppliers who have the following certifications for themselves or some of their products:

    Woolsafe Approved
    Cleanseal Approved

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    PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning is proud to offer you our expert marine cleaning services, encompassing upholstery, carpets, ;leather, vinyl, and mattresses.

    Over time, marine upholstery and carpets inevitably start to lose their appealing vibrance. This occurs due to prolonged exposure to harsh elements, such as the blazing sun, salty sea water, coarse sand, fish bait, and accidental beverage spillages.

    For this reason, we recommend periodic professional marine upholstery and carpet cleaning as a key part of your vessel maintenance routine. This ensures that your cherished boat or luxury yacht always presents at its best.

    Scheduled professional cleaning services, for your boat or yacht are essential to keep your carpets, upholstery and even your leather lounge suites in good condition.

    Marine Cleaning Brisbane

    It's important to note that even leather suites, known for their durability and elegance are not immune to wear and tear. Over time they can accumulate oil, develop marks and become a breeding ground for bacteria.

    Our maintenance services specialise in restoring the vibrancy of your leather lounge suites while eliminating any soiling and improving the furniture’s resilience and lifespan. To ensure the best results we employ the hot water extraction cleaning method or a low-moisture cleaning method. This cutting-edge technique is considered to be the best in the industry. When combined with high quality cleaning products we use and the expertise of an IICRC Trained Carpet Cleaning Professional Technician you can expect world class quality.

    Marine Carpet Cleaning

    At PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning, we extend our top-notch carpet cleaning services to your cherished boats. Our services are grounded on superior techniques and high-grade equipment, all aimed at enhancing the durability and aesthetics of your prized vessel.

    Our signature service uses the hot water extraction method and the VLM method, which effectively eliminates stubborn foreign elements like sand, mould, and other debris from your boat's carpet and fabric.

    This method is known to work and is also considered one of the best, most thorough ways to sanitise the boat's interior, making your vessel look as good as new.

    Marine Upholstery Cleaning

    Furthermore, our services extend beyond carpet cleaning; we also rejuvenate your boats upholstery. We take care in restoring and rejuvenating the interior of your boat through a three-step process. Our attention, to detail ensures that your boat will look as good as new as we only use products safe for marine use. Even the toughest stains, including dirt and oils are no match for our cleaning techniques, which delivers incredible results.

    Finally, we focus on preservation. We apply a specially designed protector that not only moisturises the leather but also safeguards it from future harm. This protective barrier acts as a shield against dirt and stains providing lasting protection to keep your boat in top notch condition.

    Maintaining the cleanliness of your boat's carpet and upholstery is not merely about aesthetics; it's a critical aspect of boat maintenance that impacts longevity and value. While boating is a source of relaxation and adventure, exposure to elements like water, salt, and sun can significantly degrade your boat's interior over time.

    Regular cleaning prevents the accumulation of mould, mildew, and damaging residues, preserving the integrity and durability of your boat's interiors. A well-maintained boat is more than just a joy to use, it's a wise investment. Taking the time to clean your boat will help ensure that you have many years of safe and enjoyable use.

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