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Best Suburbs in Brisbane

The best Brisbane suburbs to invest in, buy, and live.

The Best Suburbs in Brisbane

If you are looking for the best suburbs in Brisbane, then you must search for a strategic location close to important places such as schools, hospitals, shopping centres, public transport, arterial roads, and lifestyle amenities.

These features are essential to settle down in a new place, and luckily, Brisbane has a suburb compatible with every lifestyle. Another bonus of living in Brisbane is the cost of living, which is much lower than the likes of Melbourne and Sydney.

As the premier Brisbane carpet cleaning service, we travel to all corners of the River City offering our services to the local residents and businesses, so we have a fair idea of Brisbane's suburbs and what they have to offer.

Let's take a look at Brisbane's best suburbs and what you could get from them.

The Best Suburbs in Brisbane Now

Best Brisbane Suburbs to Invest In

The best investment suburbs Brisbane has to offer are scattered throughout the city.

The best suburbs to invest in Brisbane would typically follow an investors goal of getting the highest rental yield possible. If not, then they may be looking for capital growth and are willing to negative gear a property and get the returns when they sell it or leverage the equity for other investment purposes.

You will also need to be mindful of property management and body corporate fees if you're buying into a complex, as these types of dwellings will incur these additional costs. If you're renting in Brisbane, then you will next to liaise with a property manager for inspections and any issues that arise with the property.

Brisbane Northside

The Brisbane Northside is desirable for investors thanks to its picturesque landscapes and strong rental yields.

Several suburbs here, including Fortitude Valley, Herston, Windsor, Wavell Heights, Nundah, Ascot, and Newmarket, boast rental yields of above 4%, making them some of the best areas to invest in the area.

For those looking for something closer to the city centre with more offices, pubs and nightlife, there are plenty of inner-city suburbs, such as Paddington, Petrie Terrace, and Kelvin Grove, that offer more affordable options.

Here investors can enjoy attractive rental returns and ample growth potential - with median house prices across these three suburbs still relatively low compared to other parts of Brisbane.

Redcliffe Peninsula

Redcliffe Peninsula is rapidly becoming one of the most attractive areas for property investors due to its proximity to the new Kippa-Ring train line, recent gentrification, and affordable lifestyle opportunities.

In the past 12 months, house sales in this area have seen a dramatic rise, with many suburbs across the peninsula experiencing double-digit increases in home prices.

Despite this growth, Redcliffe Peninsula remains one of Brisbane's most cost-effective regions; five suburbs here boast median house prices at or below $550,000 - perfect for first-home buyers.

The rental yields are also highly competitive, with houses delivering between 3.4% to 4.3% and units yielding 3.7% to 5.9%.

The 1-year growth potential is also considerable - up to 24% - making it an ideal proposition for investors looking for short- and long-term returns on their investments.

The suburbs that offer these attractive prospects are Clontarf, Redcliffe, Scarborough, and Newport.

Moreton Bay Region

The Moreton Bay Region, located near Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in Australia, is an attractive area with a laid-back lifestyle that has become increasingly popular.

Moreton Bay Region offers excellent leisure activities like swimming, surfing, fishing, and bushwalking through nature reserves filled with native wildlife. It also has a great potential for capital growth on property investments due to its low cost of living.

Because of these reasons, it is no wonder this region continues to be sought after by investors looking for their next real estate venture.

This region is close to numerous major areas and attractions. It is also known for its mix of coastal and green activities, making it an ideal spot for individuals or families looking for a pleasant, outdoorsy lifestyle. With all these factors combined, it's no surprise that Moreton Bay has some great areas to invest in.

Suburbs such as North Lakes have seen big increases in house prices, where some properties have gained over 50% in value in just the last 3 to 4 years. The Caboolture and Morayfield areas are also popular for first-time homebuyers and investors.

Brisbane Southside

The Brisbane Southside is one of Australia's most sought-after real estate investment hotspots, thanks to its steady growth and relatively low entry costs in some areas.

It has a diverse range of suburbs, from established areas like Annerley, Tingalpa, Wakerley, and Carina Heights that offer great potential for capital gains on investments to other neighbourhoods such as Forest Lake, Carole Park, and Inala that are more suited for first-time buyers.

These areas also have transport links with easy access to major motorways and transport lines.

There's also plenty of green spaces and recreational activities - so this region truly offers something for everyone!

Brisbane Southside is an ideal choice for investors looking to diversify their portfolios due to its affordability and diverse investment opportunities.

Logan City

Logan City, located midway between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, has become a popular destination for home buyers and investors thanks to its convenient location and attractive affordability.

The area has seen significant investments in infrastructure, such as the $1.5 billion Coomera Connector, the $460 million Logan Hospital upgrade, and the $1.5 billion Crestmead Logistics Park.

The Logan City area has seen significant capital growth over the past 12 months while offering great investment opportunities on a budget.

A few of the suburbs worth considering include Beenleigh, Daisy Hill, Shailer Park, Eagleby, Kingston, Woodridge, Slacks Creek, and Mt. Warren Park. Each of these suburbs has its own features and qualities that make them an attractive option for investors looking to buy in the area.


Although not located in Brisbane, Ipswich City is about 40km away and many people do the commute from Ipswich to Brisbane. Ipswich is an attractive investment prospect, boasting double-digit growth rates for median house prices and high rental yields.

The area has seen a surge of public and private investments, with the recent redevelopment of RAAF Base Amberley being especially beneficial to its economy. 

In particular, the Redbank precinct offers fantastic potential for capital gains through popular suburbs such as Redbank Plains, Collingwood Park, Goodna, and Bellbird Park, making it one of Southeast Queensland's most promising areas for investors! 

Not only will investors benefit from the region's strong economy, but they can look forward to taking advantage of its affordability and accessibility as well.

With good yields and plenty of exciting investment opportunities on offer, Ipswich City is certainly a wise choice for potential investors. 

Best Area to Live In Brisbane

We believe the best area to live in Brisbane is subjective to your lifestyle and what you enjoy, rather than ranking them based on certain indicators and metrics. But, since there are factors such as proximity to amenities, transport lines, highways, schools, jobs, and more, according this Domain Liveable Brisbane study, here are the Top 20 best suburbs in Brisbane:

1. Alderley
2. Wilston
3. Ascot
4. Paddington
5. Newmarket
6. Red Hill
7. Kelvin Grove
8. Windsor
9. Albion
10. Grange
11. Auchenflower
12. Sandgate
13. Taringa
14. Deagon
15. Mitchelton
16. Toowong
17. Petrie Terrace
18. Nundah
19. South Brisbane
20. Spring Hill

Finding The Best Suburbs in Brisbane

Based on Domains Liveable Brisbane study and the factors taken into consideration, here are the best suburbs in Brisbane sorted alphabetically and geographically.

Best Suburbs to Live in Brisbane's Northside


Alderley is a fantastic suburb near the Brisbane CBD that offers many benefits for investors and families.

Alderley has a low crime rate, excellent schools, easy access to public transport, plenty of open spaces, and stunning tree-lined streets. Due to those reasons, Alderley has been quietly gaining traction as one of the best suburbs in Brisbane to invest in property due to its 37.1% median house price increase over five years! 

This area offers safety and convenience, with trains quickly connecting you around town, and there are also lots of fun activities available, making it an ideal place for friends or family looking for their own peaceful suburban lifestyle.

Alderley is a great value for convenience and safety, making it a top pick for those looking to invest in Brisbane.


Ashgrove is an inner suburb of Brisbane, located just 4 kilometres from the city centre. With a population of 13,046 and an average age between 40-59 years old, it's ideal for families or established professionals looking to invest in property due to its impressive growth potential over the last five years (36%). 

This desirable location also offers a high walkability score, plenty of greenery and nature to enjoy, and reputable schools nearby, making it attractive for homeowners, too - with 1,678 house visits per month on average. 

Furthermore, Ashgrove has healthy rental yields and a stable tenant market, so whether you want to live or invest here, this area can provide great returns!

Mortgage holders are consistently the largest percentage of residents due to high earning levels in this area, more than double that of the Queensland average. 


Auchenflower is an affluent inner-city suburb of Brisbane that offers a great lifestyle and plenty of potential for capital growth to investors.

It is renowned for its leafy streets, large block sizes, and proximity to the city centre. The area also boasts some of the best schools in town, with several top universities nearby. 

With median house prices steadily increasing over the last few years, Auchenflower has become one of the most sought-after suburbs in Brisbane due to its high demand among buyers looking for a family-friendly environment.

Investors looking for an attractive long-term investment should consider this area a great option.


Bardon is an ideal investment destination for those looking to invest in Brisbane's property market.

It boasts a safe and leafy environment close to amenities, public transport links, parks, and schools, featuring high capital growth rates with average annual house prices at 5.42% over the past five years and excellent rental yields of up to 2.75%. 

Offering potential returns on investments through renovations or subdivisions, Bardon appeals to people who want to take advantage of its proximity while reaping the rewards from this sought-after suburb's real estate boom.

By taking advantage of its convenient access to public transport, parks, and schools, as well as potential returns on investments through renovations or subdivisions, investing in Bardon promises great rewards.


Clayfield, a lovely suburb situated on the northside of Brisbane with Kedron Brook running through it, is an attractive option for both investors and prospective homeowners.

Boasting easy access to retail stores, educational facilities, restaurants, and cafes, this desirable area offers many amenities that make it highly sought-after in the investment market. 

What's more, Clayfield is rich with cultural attractions and natural beauty that draw locals and visitors alike. With multiple parks, gardens, and recreation areas, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy the great outdoors.

Several public artworks throughout the suburb add vibrancy and life to its streetscapes, making Clayfield a quaint place to call home.

Furthermore, it hosts regular festivals celebrating its unique heritage while offering exciting family entertainment options.

Not only does it present excellent short-term return potential and long-term capital growth due to its strong economy, but its proximity to the inner city also makes travel convenient for residents of this charming neighbourhood.


Grange is one of Brisbane's top 10 suburbs, offering an idyllic suburban setting with plenty of leafy trees and open space. It has many amenities within easy reaches, such as cafes, restaurants, parks, and shopping centres, making it attractive to families or professionals looking for a peaceful retreat close to the city.

The suburb also offers excellent public transport links making getting around convenient while various schools and universities are nearby, adding extra appeal - all these features together render Grange ideal for real estate investments.

There are also plenty of recreational activities nearby, such as swimming pools, sports fields, and walking trails, to help residents stay active and socialize. With its attractive mix of amenities, proximity to the city centre, and transport links, Grange is one of the best suburbs to invest in Brisbane.


Hendra, located in Brisbane's inner northwest suburbs, is an up-and-coming suburb that has become popular among investors thanks to its rapidly increasing property prices.

This area attracts a diverse range of buyers, from young professionals and families to retirees, who appreciate the convenience of living close to amenities and transport links. 

The area already offers excellent capital growth potential, with median house prices rising yearly.

On top of this, Henrda also boasts plenty of development opportunities and infrastructure, such as major roads, to make it an ideal spot for real estate investments. 

With all these factors combined, it's no surprise that this area is becoming increasingly popular among investors looking for the best suburbs in Brisbane.

Kelvin Grove

Kelvin Grove is an ideal location for property investment in the Brisbane area, offering excellent liveability and proximity to downtown.

With infrastructure projects planned ahead of the 2032 Olympic Games, such as Cross River Rail, Brisbane Metro System, and Coomera Connector, it's a great time to invest here. Another reason to invest is that it has good ratings on work/play/life balance, plus access to the QUT campus, Kelvin Grove State College, and Victoria Park Golf Club.

It also provides an opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of living in a city like Brisbane while achieving financial returns on investments. With many infrastructure developments already scheduled, this is an opportune moment to move into the market and secure financial gains for years to come.

New Market

Newmarket is an ideal Brisbane suburb for investing, offering convenience, community spirit, and excellent amenities. With proximity to several hospitals and top-notch educational institutions nearby, it's perfect for families seeking quality education. 

The area also provides plenty of green spaces, such as Banks Street Reserve, with 30 hectares of land used as market gardens alongside Enoggera Creek, which has a bike path running through its linear park - making Newmarket the 45th most walkable neighbourhood in Brisbane. 

Not only that, but house prices in this locality have seen steady growth due to demand from buyers eager to purchase these character homes on large lots or take advantage of competitively priced apartments; both resulting in great returns on rental incomes.


Nundah is a rapidly evolving suburb located on the north side of Brisbane, which presents great investment opportunities. It boasts proximity to the city centre and Brisbane Airport with excellent public transport links, making it attractive for homebuyers and young singles aged 20-39. 

Property values have seen solid growth in recent years – houses are up 7.8% while units fell 1.1%. Rental yields are similarly favourable at 2.7% for homes and 5% for apartments; ideal figures make investing here very lucrative. 

Furthermore, its vibrant retail area adds to Nundah's lively character - offering quick access to employment hubs around the airport area. This is turning further augmenting demand from tenants and investors alike! Thus, Nundah offers great potential for property investors who seek long-term success and capital growth. 

Red Hill

Situated only 3km from the Brisbane CBD, Red Hill offers an ideal location for property investors looking to invest in a suburb with high returns.

With its liveability and culture, as well as topographic variation providing stunning views of the city skyline - it's no surprise that this inner-city area has seen impressive growth over the past year. 

Properties range from traditional timber homes to post-war builds, modernized with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances, offering something for everyone who wishes to settle down or rent out here.

Plus, Paddington provides close access to both employment opportunities downtown while still being able to take advantage of nearby parks and recreational centres! 

With a median house price of $1.111 million and gross rental yields of 2.84%, Red Hill is one suburb worth considering for those looking to invest in Brisbane. Furthermore, with prices only continuing to rise - now could be the time to invest before it's too late. 


Windsor is an inner-city suburb of Brisbane that offers many desirable features for potential property buyers and investors.

It has a thriving nightlife, plenty of greenery along the Breakfast Creek, access to quality educational institutions such as St Mary's Primary School and QUT Kelvin Grove Campus, world-class healthcare at The Royal Women's Hospital plus other nearby clinics in Herston Health Precinct - all within an easy commute from the city centre.

This makes Windsor a highly attractive option with its ability to provide great amenities combined with high living standards without sacrificing convenience!

It is also close to Fortitude Valley and Kedron High School, which adds even more appeal for families. With all these features, Windsor is one of the hottest Brisbane suburbs.


Wilston is an attractive suburb in Brisbane, Australia, that has recently experienced gentrification. It boasts vibrant cafes and plenty of open space, making it highly walkable with easy access to public transportation. 

With new improvements, such as the Northern Busway and the expansion of nearby airports, Wilston continues to draw young professionals looking for a great work-life balance due to its charming atmosphere and convenience. 

The strong community spirit and the average age of 40-59 also make this area an ideal choice for those looking to invest or reside in Brisbane.

With its combination of liveability and convenience, Wilston is a great option for anyone who wants to experience all that the city has to offer. 

Best Suburbs to Live in Brisbane's Southside


Albion, a Brisbane inner-north suburb, is being transformed into an Olympic-standard indoor stadium and village with a parkland precinct, restaurants/cafes, 200+ apartments, shops, and medical services. This project not only increases property prices but also creates job opportunities for more than 1000 people during the construction phase - making it one of Brisbane's most sought-after investment destinations! 

With its prime waterfront location combined with ambitious plans for urban regeneration, this could be one of Brisbane's most exciting locations over the coming years. 

Fans from all over Australia can look forward to enjoying diverse sporting competitions such as basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, and netball. This will create economic opportunities for local businesses and bring people together and foster community spirit right here in Brisbane's inner-north suburbs. 


Balmoral is a sought-after suburb on the south side of Brisbane, combining numerous advantages for potential investors.

Those looking for a peaceful place to raise their family will be drawn to the area due to its low vacancy rates, excellent nearby amenities such as schools, parks, gyms, and restaurants, and public transport links that provide easy access to the city centre. 

Its proximity to other desirable suburbs like Camp Hill and Coorparoo makes it even more appealing. Oxford Street is especially noteworthy for its many boutique shops and cafes, perfect for anyone seeking an idyllic location with excellent infrastructure investments and value for money. 

All these factors make Balmoral an ideal choice for any investor seeking a balance between lifestyle and investment opportunity; thus, it truly stands out from the crowd.


Brookfield, located in Brisbane's western suburbs, is an ideal investment destination for those looking to take advantage of high returns and long-term capital appreciation.

With affordable housing options and some of the most impressive rental yields in the area, it is a great choice for investors. 

What sets Brookfield apart from some of the other best suburbs in Brisbane is its excellent infrastructure and access to major highways, public transportation networks, shopping centres, and educational facilities while still being a quite little area.

These amenities make it a great place to rent out properties or purchase with the aim of achieving higher capital gains over time, especially around key locations such as universities or hospitals.


Bulimba, located in Brisbane's inner-city suburbs, is a popular choice among investors due to its proximity to the city centre. It has seen a steady rise in house prices thanks to its desirable lifestyle and easy access to public transport. 

The area is known for its mix of traditional Queenslanders, modern apartments, and chic townhouses – perfect for young professionals or newlyweds looking for an affordable investment opportunity near the CBD. 

The suburb also offers plenty of options when it comes to leisure activities. From nearby parks and playgrounds to riverside walks and cycling paths, it's easy to see why Bulimba is a great investment place.


Chelmer is a suburb of Brisbane, located 11 km from the city center. It offers potential investors an opportunity to purchase properties in a prime location at very reasonable prices, with median house prices still below their pre-GFC peak. The area has been experiencing rapid growth in recent years, with property values rising approximately 8% over the past 12 months. 

Chelmer also boasts excellent lifestyle amenities, including parks and playgrounds, cafes and restaurants, and easy access to public transport.

With its proximity to the CBD and abundance of recreational opportunities nearby, it is no wonder Chelmer is becoming increasingly popular among buyers looking for good investment options! Investors can look forward to steady capital gains while enjoying all the suburb offers. 

Fig Tree Pocket

Fig Tree Pocket, located in Brisbane's immediate western suburbs, is a highly sought-after area for property investors due to its convenient location and excellent capital growth.

This affluent suburb has seen an impressive increase in median house prices over the past 12 months, making it a great investment option for those looking to enter the market. 

The area offers plenty of lifestyle amenities such as golf courses, parks, bike paths, and supermarkets that attract residents and tenants alike.

Fig Tree Pocket is close to Brisbane's most popular attractions, including The Gabba Cricket Ground, Suncorp Stadium, and Roma Street Parklands. These factors make Fig Tree Pocket an ideal choice for potential real estate investors looking for good rental yields and capital growth in the near future. 


Hawthorne is located on the south side of Brisbane, and is a picturesque suburb with an increasing population and real estate values that make it attractive to investors. 

It offers close proximity to many other desirable suburbs, such as Bulimba, Balmoral, Morningside Camp Hill, and Holland Park West, providing excellent rental yields and the potential for capital growth. 

Hawthorne's appeal spans everyone, from students looking for convenience in studying to young professionals needing easy access to the city centre or families who desire larger homes complete with backyards perfect for kids. Even retirees are drawn by its peaceful atmosphere and inner-city lifestyle! 

There is something here everyone can enjoy – parks and green spaces abound alongside iconic cinemas, boutique shopping centres, cafes, restaurants, and bars too. This makes it an ideal option for those looking for a secure and stable investment. 


Hendra, located in Brisbane's inner northwest suburbs, is an up-and-coming suburb that has become popular among investors thanks to its rapidly increasing property prices. This area attracts a diverse range of buyers, from young professionals and families to retirees, who appreciate the convenience of living close to amenities and transport links. 

The area already offers excellent capital growth potential, with median house prices rising yearly. On top of this, Henrda also boasts plenty of development opportunities and infrastructure, such as major roads, to make it an ideal spot for real estate investments. 

With all these factors combined, it's no surprise that this area is becoming increasingly popular among investors looking for a great investment return.


Indooroopilly, a suburb in Brisbane located 8km from the city center, is an attractive option for property investors looking to make gains.

With its proximity to amenities such as shopping centers and universities and excellent public transport links, Indooroopilly offers some great homes - making it perfect for families or buyers wanting capital growth potential. 

As part of Southeast Queensland's five prime regions for investments, now might be the time to take advantage of this opportunity and start your investment journey today.

With a steady rise in economic activities, you can be sure that Indooroopilly will provide an excellent return on investment for years to come. 


Rochedale is a well-established suburb located South of Brisbane in the Logan City area. Thanks to its strong capital growth rate and relatively affordable homes, it has become increasingly popular with investors.

The surrounding suburbs are also well connected to central Brisbane via public transport links, making Rochedale an attractive option for commuters. 

The area offers plenty of amenities such as schools, shops, parks, and sporting facilities, making it an ideal choice for families looking for a safe and comfortable place to live.

Some of the most notable suburbs within this region include Springwood, Underwood, Daisy Hill, and Loganlea, each offering unique features that make them attractive to potential buyers or investors. 

With its convenient location, affordable housing prices, and potential for capital growth, Rochedale is an excellent choice for real estate investors looking for a good return on their investment. 

St Lucia

St Lucia is one of Brisbane's most popular suburbs, just 5 kilometres from the Brisbane CBD. The area is known for its leafy streets lined with heritage-listed homes and for being close to some of the city's premier attractions, such as the University of Queensland, Toowong Village Shopping Centre, and Mount Coot-tha lookout

The median house prices in St Lucia have been steadily increasing over the past few years due to their popularity among home buyers and investors.

With a current vacancy rate of 1.81%, this suburb has low rental vacancies and consistently high demand, making it an ideal place to invest in property! With excellent capital appreciation potential combined with good yields, St Lucia is worth considering for your investment portfolio.