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Brisbane Rental Property

How to prepare for the rental properties Brisbane has on offer

Preparing For Moving Into A Brisbane Rental Property

Being one of the best and popular cities in Australia, it’s no wonder people from all over the country flock to Brisbane looking for rental property.

Brisbane offers safe neighbourhoods, and people with families feel more comfortable and happy settling down and living in the Brisbane suburbs.

There are dozens of possibilities for moving into a rental property, such as lifestyle choices, shifting to a new area on account of new employment, or even temporarily choosing to rent out a house while you build your own.

Regardless, if you’re planning to rent a property in Brisbane and are wondering “how to prepare for your Brisbane rental property,” we can help!

Here’s a complete guide on preparing yourself before making the big decision!

Brisbane Rental Property

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1. Choose Your Suburb

Wherever you live in Brisbane is going to affect your mood and daily life. Do you want to be close to work, shopping centres, schools, beaches, or something else? Do you want your neighbourhood to be walkable? Or do you perhaps prefer a bit of acreage a little bit further out?

Take a look at the best suburbs in Brisbane to suit your needs and lifestyle then venture out there to explore the area first before moving onto the next step.

2. Decide On The Type of Property You Want

It is important to ask yourselves questions before you make any big decisions, like renting out a property in Brisbane. Most people only regret it after they move into a house; it just doesn’t fit their style, or the place doesn’t suit their way of living.

Maybe the first question you should ask yourself is what type of dwelling is more suitable and comfortable for you; the rest just falls in later. Would you prefer an apartment run by a body corporate over a stand-alone house? Or maybe a townhouse or duplex fits you more?

Deciding on the type is the first essential step you need to take before you jump in. After you have an idea of the type of rental property in Brisbane you would like to move into; you can head over to the rest of the other details or factors you might need to consider.

Factors that will make you stay comfortable and happy in your temporary or permanent living without moving out. These include:

• Bedrooms - Consider choosing the perfect number of bedrooms before renting a place and if one would be used as an office or play room.

• Rent - Even though a house may fit perfectly for you, make sure the rent suits your budget and don't over-extend yourself

• Roommates - Would you want a roommate with whom you can split bills, or would you prefer living alone or with your family? Rental prices and bedrooms can change depending on your decision.

• Features - If you own pets, does the landlord allow it? And in that case, would you want a yard that is fenced?

• Maintenance - Would maintenance like repairs or lawn mowing be included in your rent, or are you going to be mowing those lawns?

• Utilities - Consider the various utilities that may or may not be included with your rent

• Amenities - Will you need to be closer to schools? Are there any hospitals near your rental property? What types of stores or shops are available for your basic needs?

3. Applying As A Tenant

Congratulations, you’ve found the most secure and ideal home that fits your lifestyle. It’s time for you to apply for tenancy. We would normally recommend is to go and inspect the property just to be on the safe side, but in a tough rental market, so may even have to just send of an application.

While the pictures uploaded on the site you’re looking at are legit and well-taken since they need to be, by law, an accurate representation of the entire property, nothing can compete with being there and looking at it in real-time yourself.

However, if you’re somewhat out of town or an individual that’s moving to Brisbane for the first time from a different state, you can apply for a concierge from businesses that provide these services.

Note - Since there are strict laws surrounding taking pictures of currently rented places or properties, you might need to check the Residential Tenancies Authority website for more details before you proceed with the help!

4. The Application Process For Your Brisbane Rental Property

Once you have a clear picture of the Brisbane property you want to rent, you can start with the application process. The majority of the lessors or landlords that offer rental properties in Brisbane might require you to complete an application and your full consent to a background check.

This step ensures that the landlord is dealing with an unproblematic tenant, checking any past evictions on rental records and that you meet all the qualifications for your lease.

If the ideal tenant is seen to have some issues related to renting properties in the past, the landlord may deny your application.

Nevertheless, if you are approved, here are some basic things you need to consider while meeting the property manager:

• Dressing nicely and being polite

• Being on time for any personal appointment or inspection shows you’re responsible

• Don’t forget to properly introduce yourself and any individual that’s going along with you for the meeting

• Prepare necessary queries in advance

• Carry all the necessary documentation that you will need. This includes proof of income and identity, and the like

• Make sure you pay the deposit which holds the property until you move

• Always be respectful when you tour the property

These tips seem basic and a bit of a bore, and they are! The thing is, a lot of people don't actually do these things, and in tough rental markets, it's important to stand out.

Brisbane Rental Properties

5. Sign Your Lease And Prepare To Move In

After you’ve done the inspection of your new property, it’s time to sign the lease and move in once you're approved.

Be sure to keep a look out during the inspection since this ensures you’re given a chance to look for any kind of damage or any parts of the rental property that need to be serviced or repaired. You will also need to take photos and document these on your condition report as well.

If your rental home has any issues regarding the ones we’ve just mentioned, immediately address them and request the landlord or property manager to get the fixed.

However, there are chances of certain conditions that might still exist, like a small but noticeable mark on the carpet that comes with the house. If you have no plans to change it yourself, it will be noted on the Entry Condition Report.

As such, if certain things are to be noted, address them immediately. The Entry and Exit Condition Report was invented to help both parties be safe and protected. It is important to revise what rights are issued for both at the Queensland Government Website; it will be available under the renting category.

That said, here is a list of topics that you will cover when signing your new lease:

• Mentioning the primary leaseholder
• Individuals who are permitted to reside at the residence
• The term of the lease in question
• Payment forms that are allowed when paying rent, like credit cards, cheques, and others
• Quantity of any type of bonds necessary or required before moving in
• Price of rent, dates to be paid on, and how often
• Other different terms depending on your landlord

Things To Do Before Moving Into Your Brisbane Rental Property

Excited to move into your new place? Here are some tips that will assist you in making the transition as flawless as possible.

1. Preparing In Advance

You might just need to prepare everything in advance to save yourself the headache of packing a week or even days in advance. The best possible time is a month or two before the big move, as this gives you time to think, not forget to pack all the things you want to take and make better decisions.

Here is a reminder of the tasks that you ought to complete:

• Have The Talk

If you’re renting the place you’re currently living in, make sure to talk with your landlord or property manager and notify them that you won’t be renewing your lease. Letting them know the date you will leave is equally important since they need to prepare for other prospective tenants.

In addition, getting your security deposit back is essential, so have your landlord get you a moving-out checklist ready. You can include the damages that need repairing in the list, cleaning mould, how and when to turn in keys, and other qualifiers which may include professional carpet cleaning services.

• Inventory List

We recommend creating an inventory list with all the necessary details of everything you’re packing. This saves your stuff from getting lost when moving and helps make unpacking so much easier.

• Creating A Packing Schedule

It’s normal to be ignorant of how much stuff you have until you start packing, so create a packing schedule since it will make this hectic process a lot easier in the end.

2. Hiring Professionals

While it is certainly okay to handle the move on your own into your new rental property in Brisbane, seeking professional help from moving companies with great ratings will always be a high recommendation.

Not only will it ensure security and take the problem from your hands, but it will also be a great investment since their experience will ensure that all your valuables arrive at the designated area unharmed.

3. Mailing To Your New Address In Brisbane

This is important for future purposes and to update your new address, so after you receive the official move-in date, you must inform all the relevant organisations that you are moving on a specific date.

This may include updating your details on the electoral roll, with the ATO, with your banks, subscriptions, health care providers, educational institutions, employment, and more.

4. Organising Your Utilities

While paying for all the utilities in your new place may not apply to certain rental properties in Brisbane, in most cases you will be responsible for them according to the various terms that come with your lease.

Ensure you contact utility companies for the utilities you’re responsible for. Otherwise, inform the landlord if you’re not responsible for certain utilities that do not work.

To be on the safe side, after you’re done moving in, check and ensure that all your utilities are working fine. This could include stove dials, light switches, and other important things like gas, electricity, and water.

5. Setting Up Or Transferring Internet And Cable Account Information

Unless your rental property in its leasing agreements covers amenities such as internet, cable, and other services, you need to contact the various providers you are taking services from before you move in.

However, if you need to change service providers since the current one does not cover the area you’re moving into, make sure you contact other ones to ensure they can provide a service to you.

This allows you to plan ahead and get cable, internet, and other required services as soon as you move in.

With so many people dependant on internet and WIFI, you don't want to move into your new place without this ready to go.

Rental Property Brisbane

6. Packing Your Valuables

As we’ve mentioned before, the best practice to follow is to pack weeks ahead, but there’s certainly more to it. When you’re finally starting to pack, ensure you buy all the necessary supplies to pack the valuables safely.

Boxes, markers, tapes, and other supplies. Once you have everything, start by marking the items that easily break as fragile, labelling the boxes that belong to each specific room, and the like once you’ve put everything in each box.

You can donate or sell the items you don’t need before moving out.

7. Ready Your Furniture

If you have large furniture like tables, desks, and other big items, make sure you disassemble them before loading them up. Not only does this make it easier to move, but it also makes it efficient to move them into your new place.

However, since disassembling these large pieces of furniture require tools and comes with plenty of instructions, you can hire a professional if you don’t have the necessary items or knowledge for this process.

8. Inspecting The Property Before You Move Out

Ensure you carefully inspect and examine the house's condition before you move out so you won’t run into any issues or troubles on the moving day.

By issues and troubles, we mean you paying for damages or something you clearly haven't done.

Since there are possibilities that landlords might falsely dispute the great condition of the property you left with, we recommend documenting the condition of each room.

You can do this by carefully taking pictures of every room in detail so that if the landlord falsely accuses you, you will have the pictures to prove your claims. Even though your landlord might’ve been the best possible person you’ve ever encountered, this is for your security.

9. Informing Your Family And Friends

It is important to let your family and friends know before you move into a new place not only to let them know your new address but for various other future purposes and emergencies as well.

Including your contact details won’t hurt, and a close friend or a family member might want to call or visit you or even offer their assistance with the big move.

A simple text message or informing them through social media would work, but if you’re big on privacy, maybe invite them over for one last time and give them the big news over a cup of coffee.

10. Buying Contents Insurance

You might think getting contents insurance is unreasonable since most renters overlook this type of insurance, yet, it saves all your possessions that the landlords can’t help fix in case of natural disasters.

Since landlords are not responsible for your valuables, you will be at a loss if your rental property is a victim of burglaries, fires, or other disasters. Hence, getting contents insurance assures financial protection in case these situations occur.

Various policies today cover numerous distinct items, so make sure you read through all the terms when you apply for the contents insurance that’s most suitable for you.

11. Splitting Finances

You can skip this part if you’re planning to move into your new Brisbane rental property alone or with family or a partner with whom you don't split bills with, but if you’re sharing the house with a roommate, you need to have the talk in advance.

The talk isn’t just about who’s paying the bills or how much you are splitting to make rent, but you need to put more topics into the conversation. This could include discussing what kind of ground rules you want to establish, like the appropriate time for entertaining guests or arranging chore duties, etc.

This might not sound as important on paper, but it is necessary for a comfortable living with respect and mutual understanding. Ensure you’re done with the talk, and both parties agree to it before signing the lease.

12. Arranging Items Beforehand

It’s always hectic to arrange or decorate a new house you’re moving into. Since you’re dealing with a lifetime of non-disposable and necessary items, you get overwhelmed by the sheer quantity and find it hard to arrange them as soon as you step into the doors of your new abode.

Besides, even if you label them out, you’re dealing with many items, so you might not think straight. Along with the names of the valuables, it is important to write down in advance which room each box that has specific items belong to.

This methodical approach is the best way to help you unpack, saving you time and from the needless frustration you might go through.

13. Arranging Care For Pets or Children

Needless to say, you might need professional help or someone you personally know and trust to watch over and take care of your pets and children on the day of the big move.

Entertaining or attending to their every need would be a hard task when you’re in the moving process. Not only will pets and children potentially get in the way, prolonging the process, but for their own safety, since you’ll be busy arranging stuff, get the necessary assistance to babysit them.

14. Cleaning Your Property

Most landlords will have the rental property in Brisbane cleaned out before the new tenants arrive. And if you’re satisfied, it's all good, but if you’re a neat freak like us, we understand that you would want to thoroughly clean the house before you move in.

You can either go to the new address a day before the big move and have it hand-cleaned yourself or get the required help from cleaning professionals so you will have that peace of mind once you walk in the door.

You may be grossed out by other peoples mess or not be happy with the standard that passed and want a better job done before you move in with your belongings. PRO DRY Carpet Cleaning has a range of services for your new home such as carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, pressure cleaning, mould cleaning, and more that can get your premises freshened up to a professional and hygienic standard.

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15. Creating Spare Keys

Each of the residents or tenants that are named specifically on the lease will receive a set of keys to your rental property in Brisbane without any issues. The landlords will have it made before you move in.

However, you're on the right path if you want to cut spare keys for emergencies. Losing keys can be dreadful, so having a spare key cut in advance is advantageous for certain situations.

There’s also the deal with a duplicate security door key. If you wish to own one, you can inform and request your landlord in advance so they’ll have it ready by the time you move in.

16. Doing The Necessary Paperwork

Before the day of the big move, ensure that you have your condition report on you so you can easily mark any of the items off in case of damage. And also, put in various valuable observations of the property while on the tour of your rental property in Brisbane.

Since your bond refund, if you wish to leave, is set on comparing the rental property’s exit condition against the entry report, you would find it in your best interest to properly record every detail as much as you can.

Ensure you provide a copy of the report to your landlord or property manager and keep one for yourself, place it in a file along with your lease agreement, and find a secure place to put it in to avoid losing it.

In addition, a safe and one of the best practices to apply in order to avoid any issues later on concerning the condition reports is to take quality photos that capture vivid details of your property.

17. Properly Documenting Existing Damages

A little more detail on why documenting existing damages is necessary when you move into your new rental property in Brisbane is because many rental properties come with existing damages. In the worst-case scenario, you could be blamed for it.

It could be a worn-out toilet malfunctioning or a crack in the wall that existed decades before you moved in; you need to document it before you renew or apply for your lease.

As mentioned before, take the inspection seriously to avoid any issues related to existing property damage. You can either document it with pictures and send it to the landlord online or via mail.

While moving into a new Brisbane rental property might sound exciting and can look fairly easy on paper, there is a lot of minor to major things that need consideration before you make the big jump.

The considerations can start from as simple as choosing the type of dwelling that you would like to reside into making some of the biggest decisions you might not have been prepared for.

We’ve mentioned all the necessary steps and tips to help you better prepare yourself for your big move to your new rental property in Brisbane with zero hassle.

Good Luck!